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Waking Up is an immersive performance piece with 100 privately invited participants. It will be performed at Zucker Hall within the Charles Bronfman Auditorium at Habima in Tel Aviv. The 1 hour performance will be led by 10 guides (performers) who will lead the participants through the experience. The musician and producer, Ori Avni, will perform 6 of his songs under the name of Roya, with a team of musicians. The musicians will be joined on stage by the guides and all the participants. Musicians, performers, engineers, and participants will be performing together. Invited guests can choose their level of participation and need only bring their beautiful selves. No performance experience or background is required.  You may listen to the music in advance using the link to the music.

This experience is inspired by Josh Hurand who loved adventure and creativity. He loved poetry, music, movement, breath, life. Josh passed away from cancer at the age of 48. In addition to Roya’s original music, we will be incorporating poetry and music that Josh wrote and sang. This is a collaboration between his lively spirit and a team of performers who love creativity and connection.

We thank all the people who have come together to create this project, especially the talented Ori Avni who is sharing his gorgeous music and whose bond with Josh inspired this work. We also thank Henny Stern for bringing embodied movement and expression to the Waking Up experience and guiding the guides. Thank you to Gabriela Greenberg for infusing her voice, insights, and spirit to the process and deep collaborative vision. Thank you to all of our talented performers, designers, engineers in lighting and sound. 

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